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ExpoSupport - a complex trade fair and conference organising tool
We know how absorbing and time-consuming can organising a high-class conference or a trade fair be. Therefore, we offer a special solution - a system that will simplify and optimise the process of setting up any kind of trade fairs or conferences, while also adding an online portal functionality. This greatly extends the duration of involvement for both Exhibitors and Visitors, before and after the actual event is designed to take place.

ExpoSupport system is a unique, modern solution, assisting the Organiser at all stages of conference or trade fair preparations. This includes conferences as stand-alone events, or as a part of larger projects. The IT platform offers a great deal of additional functions to the Visitor. Such as providing all the necessary information about the fair, a time-management tool, but also all other components associated with social networking services.

The ExpoSupport system consists of three main modules:

I. Organiser's Module
Organiser's Module offers many intuitive tools, that simplify event management through defining all event-specific criteria. This includes creating different roles and levels of authorisation for particular employees, which aids efficient time and role administrating among the staff.  

The module includes following tools:.

Trade Fair configuration. This part of the module allows defining following parameters
  • the name of the event, its description and graphic design (e.g., layout, logo, colours ect.);
  • trade fair's opening hours; ticket types, along with purchase scheduling and conditions;
  • associated events set up, along with their programme, number of available entries and conditions of their allocation;
  • Exhibitor's activity schedule; a reminder option for efficient time management, up-to-date invoicing and document exchange;
  • discount and loyalty programs, along with their terms and conditions;
  • the layout, size and pricing of the exhibition ground;
  • templates and forms used at the Fair (e.g., Exhibitior's order forms);
  • additional Exhibitor services offer (entry passes, promotional materials, statistics packages).

Organisational structure set up. This function allows the organiser to:
  • define users and assign their roles;
  • set authorisation levels and assign responsibilities (e.g., Exhibitor support or technical support);
  • determine authorisation levels to access databases, statistics and reports;
  • apply database fiters to access required information;
  • choose a desired contact method (e.g., e-mail, survey, newsletter, notifications).

Speakers registration and defining relations with Exhibitors
This option allows adding a Speaker to the programme and defining authorisation levels and permissions for Exhibitors.

Exhibition Ground management
This part of the module provides assistance with exhibition space booking, allocation, construction and commissioning.

Exhibitors' Catalogue

This part of the module enables creating a trade fair catalogue, allowing Exhibitors to assemble a traditional model of an Exhibitors' Catalogue or use the information to produce a presentation on the system platform.

Exhibitor Payments management
This module allows monitoring payment transactions between the Organiser and Exhibitors, such as balances and maturity dates. The system also allows uploading and modifying relevant documents, like preliminary or group invoices. ExpoSupport automatically updates the list of transactions with recent incoming payments.

Trade Fair information web portal
  • This part of the module enables the Organiser to define the structure of the visitor's section of the web portal, which can itself consist of many different sections. Those include: the articles section, exhibitor's info, the box office, events schedule, forums, discussion groups and multimedia trade fair/conference coverage, among others. Additionally, the portal's integration with popular social networks keeps the participants updated with the lastest event-related information..
  • An advanced admin panel offers complex web portal tailoring options, allowing effortless customising of the website to meet the visitor's expectations, and thus making the event more interesting to its participants.
    An important added benefit of the web portal is the advertisement publishing option, which can increase Organiser's profits.

Visitor registration and the box office
  • The Organiser has an option of managing ticket sales to the main, as well as associated events. Different ticket categories can be created, to facilitate various Visitor's needs. Barcode or chip-embedded tickets allow the Organiser not only to learn Visitor's preferences, but also to generate advanced visitors statistics packages.
  • Creating personal identifiers allows distinguishing various statuses within certain groups of Visitors (such as VIPs, honorary guests or media), which allow them to access restricted areas.

Event monitoring. This part of the module allows the Organiser to maintain control (during and after the event) over following parameters::
  • the number of Visitors, assigned to categories;
  • an approximate duration of Visitors' stay at the fair;
  • the amount of tickets sold;
  • the number of participants of associated events;
  • places and Exhibitors that have been of most interest to Visitors, etc.

Additionally, the Organiser has an option of creating complex reports and statistics, summing up the event and the activity of Visitors. Those packages may then be presented to Exhibitors. 

Conference and Speakers management
This part of the module allows defining and assigning Speakers to the workshops and conferences they will conduct. An added functionality assists the Speaker in preparing and leading the lecture, as well as offering the option of publishing information about its scheduled time, subject and agenda, on the web portal. 
Thanks to an interactive voting function, the speaker may adjust and expand the agenda of the lecture, accordingly to suggestions of its participants. Additionally, the lecture may be conducted via a video transmission or a remote presentation. .

Fair stands construction management
This part of the module assists the Organiser in placing fair stand construction orders through external companies and offers control over the quality of their services.

II. Exhibitor's Module
This module assures a sufficient level of communication between the Exhibitor and the Organiser.

Exhibitor's registration and order processing
  • supports conducting and verifying the exhibition ground and additional services reservation process (stand construction, amenities, inclusion in the expo catalogue, advertising activity on the conference web portal);
  • allows advertising and informative campaigns on the conference web portal;
  • assists with booking hotels, transportation or parking space. Providing information on the approximate arrival an leaving times helps the Organiser to better adjust the offer to the client's requirements..

Exhibitor-to-Organiser payment management
The Exhibitor has an insight into the payments schedule, the current state of transactions and financial documentation. An autosum function allows viewing a total amount of all invoices. 

Exhibition ground management
This part of the module assists in the fair stand building process, such as reserving amenities, providing the choice of available spots and development options, as well as ordering additional equipment. 
The Exhibitor has an option of monitoring the progression of their order execution.

Visitor management
It's the most elaborate part of Exhibitor's Module. Its method of action is reminiscent of a CRM service. This allows Exhibitors to access the information about the visitors who have visited their stand. It also permits linking other activities to such occurrences, like requesting a meeting, a presentation or a business offer. The data is also available to the Exhibitor once the event has ended. The information gathered is limited to those Visitors, who have submitted to the authorisation process (i.e. scanned their ID badge barcode).

III. Visitor's Module
This module is designed for the Visitors and its mechanism of action is based on an informative web portal, created and defined by the Organiser, within our system.

The module offers following functionalities:
  • registration and ticket purchase (trade fair, lectures, seminars and associated events tickets), along with an online payment system;
  • an access to the description of the event, its programme, opening hours, exhibitor's info etc.;
  • creating a personal participation schedule, by adding events and Exhibitors to it;
  • arranging one-to-one meetings through a dedicated system;
  • remote participation in lectures (if such an option is made available by the Organiser);
  • an access to articles, discussion groups, event coverage, basic statictics and reports;
  • filling out questionnaires created by the Organiser;
  • leaving comments under articles and participating in discussion forums;
  • receiving personalised information from Exhibitors.

Accessing the web portal is possible after registering and passing the authorisation process.

More at: http://exposupport.pl/en-us/

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